Hand Hygiene in a behavioral health setting
Hand Hygiene in a behavioral health setting
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Review of infection prevention challenges facing staff who care for behavioral health patients in any setting. This review will include population risks for multi-drug resistant organisms, tuberculosis, chemical dependency, homeless, group homes, and frequent acute care readmissions. There will be a review of a PI Project that was initiated after joining the Joint Commission Transformation Center and Essential Hospitals Institute collaborative using the Targeted Solutions Tool and WHO guidelines. Included will be a quick review of the literature, identification of baseline data, and identification of staff reasons for lack of compliance with infection prevention practices. A review of common safety concerns with the Behavioral health patients including: differences in isolation practice in the behavioral health setting vs. acute care, differences in hand hygiene product availability and the perception of the staff that this setting is different and doesn't require the same diligence in infection prevention. The presentation will show how to use the risk assessment to evaluate actions and products to assure continued safety for the patient and staff. Description of Just-In-Time training to include documentation to identify actions taken for later follow up if indicated.Learning Objectives:Describe at least 3 steps that can be taken to increase staff hand hygiene compliance in the behavioral health setting.Identify two risk factors in the behavioral health population resulting in increased risk of transmission of significant organisms. Verbalize required elements in effective Just-In-Time training.List 3 differences in the safety needs of the behavioral health patient.Describe the use of Infection Prevention Risk Assessment in mitigation of potential risk.
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