Construction and Renovation in Healthcare Facilities
Construction and Renovation in Healthcare Facilities
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Healthcare Facilities are constantly initiating construction and renovation projects in order to upgrade their infrastructure to better meet the needs of their patients, staff, and visitors. In addition to developing an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), Infection Preventionists (IP) should be an integral part of these project teams for the entire project. IPs should also have the knowledge and resources to insure that projects are built with infection control considerations included. The presentation will cover issues associated with construction and renovation in healthcare facilities. It will increase IP awareness of the complexities associated with these issues as well as possible resolutions. Topics to be included in the presentation include: IP's involvement and their role in all phases of construction and renovation projects and coordination with other departments. A review of appropriate FGI Guidelines and the documentation required will also be discussed. In addition, materials, finishes, and design features in construction projects will be reviewed. Areas in which knowledge deficits are common, including building systems, and interpretation of architectural drawings will also be covered.Learning Objectives:Learn the importance of infection prevention and control involvement in all phases of construction projects and strategies for inclusion into project planning meetings.Become familiar with materials, finishes and equipment that may be incorporated in construction projects. Raise an awareness of areas associated with construction and renovation in which infection prevention and control knowledge deficits often exist.Understand regulatory requirements associated with construction as they relate to infection prevention and control.
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