Strategies to Identify & Prevent Drug Diversion
Strategies to Identify & Prevent Drug Diversion
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According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 15% of healthcare workers are addicted to drugs of alcohol. These workers develop and feed their addictions through drug diversion. The statistics are alarming and represent the seriousness and scope of the issue of drug diversion in healthcare.Drug Diversion can play a critical role in patient safety including risk of infection, along with other factors (Possible Impaired Provider and Potential Increase of Patient’s Pain Level).Abuse vs Diversion DefinitionEfforts to Prevent DiversionPatient Safety --- Infection ControlStrategies for Identifying & Preventing DiversionChain of Custody for Controlled SubstancesRisk AnalysisRisk Management --- Using Audit ToolsProper Disposal of Controlled SubstancesBest Practices ReportingLearning Objectives:Differentiate between Drug Abuse and Diversion.Identify the Strategies Used to Prevent Diversion.Identify the Patient Safety Issues related to Drug Diversion.Identify the steps to take for a Suspected Diversion.
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