2019 Heroes of APIC: First
2019 Heroes of APIC: First
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Presentation #1: Reduction of Healthcare Associated Infections by empowering Environmental Services Staff

To enhance patient safety, healthcare facilities should include environmental services (EVS) education and empowerment. By doing this healthcare facilities will experience a reduction of patient harm from healthcare associated infections that are associated with the environmental surfaces. EVS engagement will be enhanced by adopting high touch surface audits, recognition, and education programs.

Presentation #2: Using Multi-Modal Strategies to Eliminate Neonatal Sepsis in Banso Baptist Convention

Neonatal Sepsis is one of the leading causes of neonatal deaths in developing countries, the infections spread most through the hands of health care personnel. Paradoxically, hand hygiene compliance is very low due to several factors including the absence of water and hand washing infrastructure in most setting. Although Alcohol based hand rub (ABR) has been proven to be the most effective strategy to improve hand hygiene, it is lacking in most facilities in developing countries due to cost. Therefore, local production is essential to ensure a steady supply of ABHR.

The objective of this project was to promote local production and use of ABHR in Cameroon and other African countries. We introduced local production and use of ABHR in Banso Baptist Hospital in 2002, couple with other infection prevention improvement strategies, and later spread the initiative to other facilities of the CBC Health Service. Local production, regular supply and consistent use of ABHR together with other infection prevention strategies lead to elimination of neonatal sepsis in Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH).

BD is pleased to support the APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention Program and the outstanding and essential work of the Heroes honorees in the field of infection prevention.


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