Fireside Chat: COVID-19 Vaccines and Infodemiology Managemen
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Monday, June 7 from 10-11 am ET.

In its publication ‘Managing Epidemics’, WHO creates the mnemonic – C-HI-C-HI, for Coordinating responders, Health Information, Communicating risk, Health Interventions. In a footnote underneath the diagram, it states ‘Although Communicating risk (C) is part of Health Interventions (HI); it is seen here as a separate component in order to underscore the importance of risk communications.’

This was 2018. The world started experiencing the power of social media to spread a misinformation floods, or infodemics, without separating the wheat from the chaff. This was also the year when surveillance started noting very real effects of infodemics on infectious disease control with measles rearing its ugly head again killing many children. Fast forward to 2020 – an infodemic of unprecedented proportion undermines the effectiveness of health interventions worldwide.

Dr. Suh will provide an overview of available COVID-19 vaccines and what we know about them so far, with a focus on efficacy, effectiveness, and important adverse effects.

Join us as we explore this topic during our Fireside Chat with APIC CEO, Devin Jopp, EdD, MS, and speakers: Kathryn Suh, MD, FRCPC, CIC and Prof Neville Calleja, MD, MSc (Lon) MSc PhD FFPH CStat CSci FRSPH DLSHTM.

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