APIC & IFIC Fireside Chat: Safe Injection Practices
APIC & IFIC Fireside Chat: Safe Injection Practices
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APIC & IFIC Fireside Chat: Safe Injections from IPC Perspectives
Originally presented on Monday, March 14, 2022 at 10 am ET
Hippocrates stated we should “First Do No Harm,” so it follows that injections should be safe! In fact, unsafe injections not only have an impact on human health and lifestyle but may affect the economy and future of some countries as well. It is simple: Just adopt the “One and Only” concept!

This webinar will explore how we should ensure safe injections for all our patients.

Learning Objectives

Identify “Safe Injections” and “Injection Safety.”
Discuss elements and practices of Safe Injections.
Highlight infection-based implications of unsafe injections.
Describe the relationship between bloodborne infections and unsafe injections.
Presented by:

Dr. Gehan Fahmy and Dr. Nagwa Khamis, both Professors of Clinical Pathology and Clinical Microbiology at Ain Shams University and Specialized Hospital, located in Cairo, Egypt. In January 2016, Ain Shams Specialized Hospital became the first health system in the world to receive JCI accreditation for all hospitals under the Accreditation of Academic Medical Centers Program.

Dr. Fahmy has served as the Director and Consultant of Infection Control at Ain Shams University since 2001. She is also a board member of IFIC and Coordinator of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office for the World Health Organization.

Dr. Khamis is also the head of the IPC department and CEO Consultant with The Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt. She is a past board member of IFIC, President of SPIC-Egypt, and a certified consultant for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization on Infodemic Management.
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