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ProductThumbnailProductTitleProductCodeStandardPriceMemberPriceProductCategoryProductDescriptionProductKitProductImage Proficient Practitioner BridgeEL_PPB2020500.000.00LMSEXCLUSIVELY FOR MEMBERS! The Proficient Practitioner Bridge is a self-assessment for the developmental path of the Infection Preventionist.False Your Practice Online SeriesBUN-COMPMODEL250.00175.00LMS True Learning System for a-IPC - Online + Printed BooksIPC-AI-001795.00695.00LST False Learning System for a-IPC - Online OnlyIPC-AI-001P695.00595.00LST False Learning System for CIC - Online + Printed BooksIPC-CIC-KT-001895.00795.00LST False Learning System for CIC - Online OnlyIPC-CIC-KT-001P795.00695.00LST False Learning System for LTC-CIP - Online + Printed BooksIPC-KT-001895.00795.00LST False Learning System for LTC-CIP - Online OnlyIPC-KT-001P795.00695.00LST False Statistics for Infection PreventionistsEL-BASICSTATSIP125.0075.00LMS False of IPC for New IPs BundleBUN-NEWIP1,030.00870.00LMS

Starting out in infection prevention can feel overwhelming. APIC is here to help with this Basics of IPC for New IPs bundle. You'll cover the fundamentals of infection prevention and control through our EPI 101 course and our key references on statistics and microbiology. You’ll get the essentials of IPC that will help prepare you for what’s next in your career.

True, Disinfection and Sterilization in Surgical SettingEL-EPIDISRBPRSI125.0075.00LMS False and Renovation for IPs BundleBUN-CONSTRUCT180.00115.00LMS

A well-trained, knowledgeable IP is critical to the success of any hospital construction or renovation project. Get the tools you need to develop your skills in this area with our Construction and Renovation for IPs bundle. Combine our online course with our Construction & Renovation Manual to ensure you're prepared for any construction or renovation in your facility.

True Education Series: Effectively Using DataEL-EPIDATA100.0050.00LMS False Education Series: EPI 101EL-EPI1011,050.00850.00LMS False Education Series: EPI 102EL-EPI102850.00650.00LMS False® Education Series Online: EPI 101 and 102EL-EPI-BUN1,525.001,325.00LMS False® Education: Basic MicrobiologyEL-EPIMICRO101125.0075.00LMS False® Education: Construction & RenovationEL-EPICONRENO100.0050.00LMS False Acumen for the Infection PreventionistEL-IPFINANCE100.0050.00LMS False Information TechnologyEL-HEALTHIT100.0050.00LMS False
/images/Products/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_217823.PNGInfection Prevention and Control Essentials for Assisted LivEL-IPCASSISTED305.00225.00LMS False/images/Products/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_217823.PNG Prevention in Long-Term Care BundleBUN-IPLTC350.00265.00LMS

APIC has the tools to help you manage compliance, staff training, and IPC for the care and safety of your patients and residents in your long-term care facility. Boost your preparedness with our new Infection Prevention in Long-Term Care bundle which includes our online course as well as our popular digital book, Infection Prevention Guide to Long-Term Care.

True Diseases of Interest to the IPEL-EPI-DISEASES100.0050.00LMS False Essentials for Ambulatory + WorkbookEL-AMBU-ESS350.00250.00LMS False and Management in Infection PreventionEL-LEADERSHIP100.0050.00LMS False Roadmap for the Infection PreventionistNRM500.000.00LMSEXCLUSIVELY FOR MEMBERS! The Novice Roadmap is an online checklist that guides your IP orientation. The checklist-based format allows you to easily check off items you have completed, while also linking to related resources to further your learning.False Education SeriesEL-RESEARCHED100.0050.00LMS False Tools - Basics of Microsoft Excel 1.0EL-TTEXCEL50.0025.00LMS False