Organizational Offers

APIC Publications Organizational Licenses

Provide access to IPC publications that will help your staff improve their practice and expand their understanding of infection prevention and control issues.

Many of APIC's best-selling publications are available via a Site License PDF. A site license entitles you to share this publication with others at your site (a single location), either by posting to a secure intranet site or by providing other means of secure access.

If you are a corporate system or central office and plan to share information across your healthcare or hospital system and/or multiple facilities, please contact for System License pricing.


Please note, if APIC becomes aware of any infringement on its copyrighted content, it reserves the right to pursue legal action against any or all parties not complying with the terms of this license.

Other APIC options for organizations include:

APIC Publications Bulk Ordering (Print Copies)

Quantity Discount
1 - 9 Standard Pricing Applies
10 - 49 10% Off
50 - 99 15% Off
100 - 299 20% Off
300 + Contact:
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APIC Text Institutional Subscriptions

Quantity Price
3 - 5 Individuals $625
6+ Individuals Pricing Available Upon Request

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APIC Organizational Membership

Organizational membership pricing is tiered based on number of individuals who will be covered by the membership. For example, the first tier covers 6-10 people. The next tier is 11-15. The tier discount starts at 10% and increases to 15% for the top tier. In addition to this savings, Organizational Members receive year-round early bird pricing on APIC's Annual Conference and the ability to transfer membership between individuals (ex. you have a staff departure and hire a new employee).

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ProductThumbnailProductTitleProductCodeStandardPriceMemberPriceProductCategoryProductDescriptionProductKitProductImage & Renovation Manual PDF Site LicenseSLS9808PSL179.00179.00DIGITAL False BUNDLE: Forms Vols.1 & 2 PDF Site LicenseSLS9003BUN-PSL349.00349.00DIGITAL False & Checklists, Vol 1 PDF Site LicenseSLS9003PSL199.00199.00DIGITAL False & Checklists, Vol 2 PDF Site LicenseSLS1000PSL199.00199.00DIGITAL False Statistics & Epidemiology, PDF Site LicenseSLS0501PSL199.00199.00DIGITAL False to Long-Term Care, PDF Site LicenseSLS6008PSL329.00329.00DIGITAL False to the Lab, PDF Site LicenseSLS3101PSL109.00109.00DIGITAL False Essentials for Ambulatory Care Wkbk, PDF Site LicenseSLS7001P-WB-PSL179.00179.00DIGITAL False Issues in the Environment of Care PDF Site LicenseSLS1010PSL320.00320.00DIGITAL False Reference for Microbes, 4th edition PDF Site LicenseSLS6005PSL109.00109.00DIGITAL False